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Influencer Video

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Influencer Video

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Influencer video is quite possibly one of the biggest and successful marketing methods out there at this current moment. It can also be hard to plan what to say, how/where to record and edit – the whole process can be really difficult. We are here to help.



What is an influencer?

An influencer video is a type of content created by a YouTuber, Instagram star or other influencer to promote a brand. The influencer will usually have a creative say in the content of the video, and will present the video in his or her usual style or voice, so that it comes across as authentic.



Why is video such an effective method?

Video tends to be pretty effective when it takes to getting people to take action. You can get much more information across than text, and it is a lot more interesting! You can set the tone of your brand, and show what you are all about. It grabs the viewers attention more, and they are more likely to watch a video to the very end than a full page of content.



How can we help?

Have you took an interest in video, but really unsure where to start? You don’t need to panic, because we can help! We work with professional videographers who are amazing at what they do, working wonders with their cameras. We use all the latest, and up to date equipment to make sure you get the best out of us. Whether it’s training, help with the editing or even doing the whole thing!


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